How Kane Ellis Excelled in the Crypto and Auto Industry The Insights of a Progressive Entrepreneur and an Auto Enthusiast


Kane Ellis is a well-known name in the cryptocurrency and automotive industry. He is the proud founder and CEO Nerd Herd, as well as co-founder and COO of CarSwap — two very successful startups of the crypto and tech industries, respectively. The article sheds light on how Kane managed to administer the affairs of both these startups while remaining true to his spirit of innovation. Moreover, it also discusses how his strategies can be implemented in the current market, especially by millennials.

Kane Ellis; On Sensing the Market Needs

Of all the factors necessary for making a startup successful, being out-of-the-box and practicality are the two most important ones. You have to cater to an unaddressed need of the market to be the apple of the eye of the common masses. There is this thin yet discrete line existing between a handful of successful startups and a whole lot of premature business failures. Kane Ellis, a young entrepreneur, businessman, marketing expert, cryptocurrency, and auto enthusiast, also noted the very same fact and kept it in his mind throughout his entrepreneurial journey. And the result is in front of the whole world. Today he stands as the proud founder of two successful and progressive startups, CarSwap and Nerd Herd.

How It All Began?

Well, it all started right from his early teens. Kane’s inquisitive nature led to his curiosity towards technology and e-commerce. This characteristic led him to research quite a bit about cryptocurrencies that just started getting mainstream in that era. This whole idea of having an online, free and fair method of transactions intrigued him a lot. Hence he started mining bitcoins from an early age of 18 and became quite good at it over time. Kane mined at least 3 to 4 Bitcoins every day, and that’s a lot, even by those days’ standards. All this further increased his confidence in his technical abilities and market conditions. Hence, he formed his tech startup, Nerd Herd. And it was not too long that he entered the big league and started picking up some large consulting contracts. Once he had laid the initial foundation of this startup, his attention got drawn to another opportunity.

The Right Judgement, CarSwap

Being born and raised in South Australia, Kane identified the market needs and started CarSwap in 2016 with fellow co-founder Cyrus Rafizadeh. CarSwap’s aim was to provide people with an innovative approach to buy, sell, rent, and exchange their vehicles online. The CarSwap app matches the car owners with suitable buyers. It enables them to buy, sell and rent cars at the disposal of their cell phones on their comfy couches from their homes. The app filters and highlights the low offers to make the correct and market-accurate estimation of the price of the vehicle. The app also gives you the freedom to exchange the car, permanently or temporarily. It is all up to you! A series of unique algorithms governs all these functionalities. You can view the vehicles according to your preferences one at a time. If you do not like a particular vehicle ad, you can discard it and move on to the next one. And if you find it interesting, then you can know more about it.

Here I am, This is Me!

Here I am, this is me! There is nowhere else on earth I would rather be!”

This legendary song by Bryan Adam can pretty much sum up Kane’s journey. Today Kane enjoys a dream life and has quite a reputable following on his Instagram, but reaching this place required him to burn some midnight oil and showing devotion to his cause. Persistence is the highlight of his success story. It’s years of hard work and dedication behind it.

Take-Home Lessons for Millennials

All this journey, full of innovation, enabled Kane at age 24 to purchase his dream car: Maserati GranTurismo MC. Perhaps the take-home lesson from Kane’s success story is to be goal-oriented and make profitable investments. If you remain focused on your goals for long, there is no reason you are going to fall back. However, you have to make sure that your short-term goals are well-aligned with the long-term ones. Similarly, having a good investment portfolio not only makes you well aware of the ground realities of the market, but it also builds you a lot of fortune. As in Kane’s case, he had made nearly half his fortune through some smart cryptocurrency investments, that too at quite a young age.




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