Top 15 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2021

With the last Sun of 2020 set, 2021 has got new hopes attached to it as it is also bringing forward new role models for the masses to derive inspiration. Although the previous year was pretty uncertain and dubious, it proved to be somewhat beneficial to many entrepreneurs and influencers as they managed to escalate their net worth exponentially. You can also regard them as diamonds emerging out of immensely pressurized rocks, although it will sound like a cliché.

While the COVID got us all locked up inside our cozy homes, it also brought forward many new business opportunities, hence a new lot of entrepreneurs. In this article, I will be briefly shedding some light on the top 15 entrepreneurs who emerged out of 2020 for you to keep tabs on them in 2021 to get a lesson or two. Although some of the names may sound quite familiar to you in the entrepreneurial world, still, they made it in this little ranking of mine.

1. Alex (BillioTipster)

There is a sharp difference between merely betting and betting on the right horse! Providing people with an analysis on betting in sports, this young entrepreneur cum multi-millionaire Alex saw quite a boom in his following and popularity in 2020!

The story of Alex is one good example of passion turned into a profession. Like most of the millennials, Alex was also quite enthusiastic about different sports, especially tennis. It made him bet in several events. Ultimately, when people pointed out his exceptionally accurate bets, he thought to give it a shot as a profession. Since then, he has never looked back, even for a moment, and he has grown his online club that goes by the name of BillioTipster since he is known as the billionaire maker in the market. So far, more than 25,000 people have benefited themselves from the valued pieces of his advice.

Alex believes that you should not let your bets and decisions be afloat on instincts. Although they play an equally important part, you should do a bit of analysis before betting. It is the reason that besides providing direct tips and advice, Alex also spreads awareness on betting and sports analysis in his talks and sessions and through the online community of BillioTipster.

Young Alex is looking forward to doing BIG things in 2021 with his eyes full of hope as he is quite optimistic about the coming tennis season. He staunchly believes that the Australian Open Tennis Tournament is going to be one hell of an event, and it will provide the necessary kick that is being direly needed at the moment to reincarnate the spirit of betting after COVID. With this in mind, many of his fans and followers are already approaching him, seeking tips and advice regarding the best bets they can make in the coming season. 

2. Ivan Bosnjak

Creating a buzz on social media about his digital marketing services comes Ivan Bosnjak, a talented digital marketing expert and serial entrepreneur. His marketing agency, Beconcept, is known to have worked with many renowned names. 2020 saw him unfold new realms of creativity and modern marketing, both on social media and conventional marketing mediums. Obsessed with results, Ivan believes that all the efforts are of no use if they do not deliver the required results by the end of the day to the client. Hence, he only charges a “Performance-Based Fee” from all his clients. His fee from his clients is according to the results they have achieved by availing his services. 

Also, the range of his services is quite broad yet specialized. From web development to sales funnels, from social media campaigns to cold pitching, Ivan has got a presentable portfolio in all these fields. His work is proudly lighting up his name on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

If this is out of the box for you, let me brief you a bit about his working strategy. Unlike other marketing professionals who want to throw the clients off their shoulders asap, Ivan makes sure that your business gets the marketing and branding strategy it deserves. First, he analyzes the mechanism of your business. Then he goes through your current marketing strategy (if any), including your current stats, and then takes his time to come forward with a tailor-made marketing plan, fitting the ends of your business. 2021 is the year of revolution for digital marketing. And this young guy is all geared up to leading that from the front!

3. Nick Deflorio

If you are not earning some bucks even while asleep, then you are not rich, my friend! More or less, the same is the philosophy followed by the serial entrepreneur, trading guru, and financial mentor to millions around the world, Nick Deflorio. 

What initially started as a passive income has now become a full-time business venture for this young man. Like most of the millennials, Nick also started his career from a typical 9 to 5 job. During those days, he came across online trading when he stumbled upon his colleague staring at market charts all the time. Eventually, 

he began to make a couple of thousand bucks from it. It ignited a spark in him that made him leave his job later on and get formal training in trading and adopt it as a full-time profession. Even the pandemic couldn’t hold Nick down for a while as this year alone, his largest trade in 2020 netted him $35k profit in ONE DAY, rounding him to $286,000 dollars made this year.

Being this good at some skill demands from a person to teach it to other people. Perhaps this can be the only possible way of giving back to society in such cases. Nick also decided to do so about four years back and opened a financial education company. It aimed to impart basic knowledge about finance and the Forex market among the masses. The company is already making some highlights in the news of 2021. It is also estimated to be the fastest-growing financial education platform at the time. About 400 individuals use the platform daily to learn about the Forex market and make hefty six figures. The company has also acquired a trading floor in Sydney, Australia, in 2021, opening new avenues of growth! Almost all the students make 300 to 500 dollars daily, from Nick’s teachings, with at least seven of them making even a thousand bucks before hitting bed every night. All this through the comfort of their couches and at the disposal of clicks on their smartphones!

4. Prophecy Onasis

Having more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Prophecy Onasis specializes in programmatic advertising. He is a Vegas-based serial entrepreneur, social media wizard, and seasoned businessman. He is also the CTO of Vuuzle Media Corporation, leading the firm on the fronts of utter creativity! 

Besides, he has also worked in close collaboration with the Certified OTT Development Team of Verizon Media. All this diverse and high-level work portfolio has allowed Prophecy to build a solid social circle in the industry. According to him, rather than making big claims even before the product launch, the company should focus on its quality first. The rest of the matters come after that. He also says that a weak marketing strategy turns out to be the root cause of all the failures.

Looking forward to 2021, he aims to escalate the pace of progress at Vuuzle Media Corporation, making it the number one digital marketing agency in the sector. Furthermore, he also plans to come up with some real “Out of the Box” campaigns. So, let’s see what this man comes up with this year!

5. Bisma Khan

You can be equally rich and well off while having humble beginnings. You do not need to be born with a silver spoon to make your name known in the world. All this has been demonstrated adequately by the young entrepreneur and millionaire, Bisma Khan, hailing from the land of hospitality, Pakistan, South Asia. Starting her hair oil line at the tender age of 17, Bisma aimed at achieving bigger targets and used her social media influence to make her products known in the right market sector.

She started her business from merely 60 bucks, which she managed to gather from her EIDI (the money given to young ones in eastern cultures on festive occasions). From those sixty bucks, she managed to become the youngest millionaire of Pakistan. She often gets invited by various organizations to deliver talks and sessions to youth about business and management skills, sharing her story to motivate them.

The year 2021 is expected to be revolutionary for this young girl as she will be going global with her line of Hair-Oils, expanding it to become a fully grown makeup brand. Yeah! See, not only the big players like Kyle Jenner, Chanel, Versace, and whatnot have stakes in this business. Now new entrepreneurs are also becoming the major suppliers in the market, which is such a positive trend to witness!

6. Ameer Moavia

A fusion of Space Science, Business Management, and Cyber Hacking is what this young Pakistani entrepreneur and multi-millionaire, Ameer Moavia is. Born in 2000, this young science and business enthusiast is truly moving with time as he is the youngest space researcher from Pakistan producing space research good enough to be published in international space journals. All this craze of space, science, and physics sparked in him in his teens. What initially started as a hobby, later on, turned out to be the passion of this young guy. And to fulfill that, he went all the way in!

Ameer is also known in the Cyberworld as s1cmvndus, his hacking handle, representing Pakistan in various international cybersecurity fares and ethical hacking contests. So far, he has won several of those and is aiming to achieve more in this field. Besides all this science and hacking stuff, Ameer is also an avid business enthusiast, as mentioned before. He is a researcher and analyst at various reputed business organizations and has built his net worth from practically zero dollars. Being a true patriot, he keeps inviting multinationals to come and invest in Pakistan. These companies include various research organizations, businesses, and tech giants. So far, many research projects have been started in his homeland owing to his efforts. 

7. Abdullah Mehmood

In this sheer age of competition, consumerism, and utter capitalism, there is hardly any chance of your survival if you are not exploiting social media to the fullest for promoting your business venture (if any). This young entrepreneur Abdullah Mehmood saw this opportunity at the right time and with the right attitude and jumped into the field, intending to revolutionize it. He has a reputable name in his country, Pakistan, owing to his marketing agency, Rex Media Group.

He is also the pioneer of modern digital marketing in Pakistan. So far, he has worked with various renowned brands, models, and celebrities. 2021 is the year of big happenings for Abdullah as he is planning to go global with his marketing agency and collaborate with some BIG names!

Owing to his professional excellence and entrepreneurial skills, he has attracted a considerable sum of money from international investors into his country. He is motivated by the causes of eradicating poverty, hunger, and unemployment from his country. He aims to make every millennial in Pakistan self-sufficient and stop relying on those trivial 9 to 5 jobs and earn a decent sum of money online! Following this passion, he delivers talks and sessions at several youth events. The response of the crowd at those events is worth witnessing!

8. Tarun Bhatti

We aim for the moon to conquer the stars! Yeah, this young serial entrepreneur and millionaire Tarun Bhatti did something similar where he started his career merely from a data mining server. He did so to be independent and cater to his daily living expenses. Throughout his studies, he never even asked for a single penny from his old folks. Anyway, days passed by, and he made some real fat stacks from those servers. Then came the tricky part of investing those bucks, and he played that quite smartly. He invested in some highly profitable organizations only to get it back multiplied many times. It required some serious analysis, which he did, and profound market experience that he already possessed. 

Through that capital, he introduced himself to the capital market by opening his company, Oleda Capital. It aims to give consecutive interests to businesses, companies, and even individuals. Expanding his roots further, he turned towards e-commerce and opened a couple of e-stores and developed them to a level to become fully independent businesses. Besides, he also runs a digital marketing agency, Prior Public. Tarun opened this company to spur a revolution in the digital marketing industry by bringing a causal and personal touch. Moreover, it also helps and guides the newly emerging players about the latest trends and branding strategies. 

9. TJ Sullivan

Becoming the center of attention of millions of eyes on the web is perhaps the biggest concern of all businesses and celebrities today. To fulfill this need, nobody falls close to the serial entrepreneur, PR expert, digital marketing guru, and millionaire-maker, TJ Sullivan. Running his digital marketing agency, Civilized Savage, this man is living the dreams! However, it is to be kept in mind that he had to burn some midnight oil to reach this status. This LA-based entrepreneur has earned himself so much goodwill that most of his clientele is from referrals. From top-notch rappers to even Netflix, all have consulted TJ at one point or the other to improve their online image and presence.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name it! Every social media platform contains his portfolio in some capacity. TJ mostly uses his indigenous GMB strategy to be ahead of his competitors and to keep his referral rate sky high all the time! Civilized Savage is about to do some global collaborations in the year 2021. The brand has already received quite a lot of acclamation, having worked with some satellite production companies of Netflix. 

10. Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone

Even if you have no stakes at all in the real estate sector in The States, you can still recognize this guy from his catchy sales lines and attractive funnels. Grant Cardon is the next man on our list! Besides being a seasoned real estate expert, this guy has some credible financial and marketing skills. Spreading financial awareness throughout the country, he is already admired by thousands, if not millions, in the US. He also organizes his yearly 10X conference. There he addresses the changing concerns of the financial world in quite a fun way, followed by performances and guest appearances by renowned celebrities like Kevin Hearts. 

Although the man has been in the mainstream real estate for nearly a decade or so, 2020 proved to be somewhat a year of luck for him. His bestseller, 10X, gained more popularity as per expectations as people found more time in this lockdown to go through books and stuff. He currently has a net worth of over two billion dollars and owns a diversified real estate portfolio in more than eight states. There is also this anticipation that despite this post-COVID recession, he will be making some fat stacks in 2021. So, yeah, “watch out” for him!

11. Abdullah Raaj

The realms of the digital world keep on changing with time, and moving with this constant change, and not losing your place in the market, is an art in itself. Abdullah Raaj, a digital marketing expert from Pakistan, is often termed as the Picasso of this art. Running his PR agency by the name of Venture Bites, he is looking forward to new heights in 2021. At the tender age of 18, he has achieved things that others dream of achieving, usually in their thirties and forties. 

He has a portfolio of working with several local and international clients. His agency has helped many young influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs to make themselves known in the digital world. Abdullah may be crossing the benchmark of being a millionaire this year. Hence, you sure want to keep tabs on this young man!

12. Tony Delgado

With humble beginnings from Puerto Rico, Tony Delgado is a revolutionary philanthropist, activist, developer, tech geek, multi-millionaire, and businessman. He is leading the front of revolutionizing the whole scene of digital marketing. He is the proud founder of Disrupt Magazine, Disrupt Podcast, and Disrupt Foundation. The podcast enlightens people about the success stories of different entrepreneurs. So far, the response to this podcast has been extraordinarily encouraging. There are millions of YouTube views on the videos. 

Disrupt magazine is also a step in the same direction. Authors from all around the world are encouraged to contribute to this magazine. Perhaps it is the main reason that you can find a lot of creative ideas there. Many entrepreneurs also recommend it since it broadens the view of readers. The Disrupt Foundation caters to similar needs and supervises the activities of both of the previously mentioned ventures.

Tony is a staunch believer in the philosophy that nowadays, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a dream to excel. Looking forward to 2021, you can anticipate something BIG from him!

13. Gary Vaynerchuk

Chairing the leading digital marketing agency of the time, Vayner X, and fulfilling the duties as a CEO at VaynerMedia, an advertising agency, Gary Vaynerchuk keeps it real when it comes to innovation, entrepreneurship, businessman ship and making money. Having Belarusian roots, this young businessman has reached such a pinnacle of glory in digital marketing that it keeps the critics astonished even today. VaynerMedia is also known to work for many Fortune 100 clients. 

Gary stepped into e-commerce by digitalizing his father’s liquor business in the late 90s when the dot com boom was at its all-time highest. This smart decision earned the family business a net profit of 60M dollars, at that time, as it was one of the first liquor stores in The States to go entirely online. 

Gary urges the entrepreneurs to always think out of the box. He suggests selling the story behind the product instead of the product alone. It is the reason that his marketing agency has such a large clientele, including repeated customers. And the year 2021 is expected to carry the same momentum for him!

14. Usman Saleh

Ever saw a millennial CEO leading the industry right from the front? Well, Usman Saleh is the beacon of inspiration when it comes to achieving BIG at an age as small as 20. Being the CEO of Shoutout Media, he is revolutionizing digital marketing and online PR. Laying the foundation of his creative agency in boutique-style, he is the man the whole industry looks up to for something INNOVATIVE!

Despite hailing from a third world country, Usman has worked with some of the most renowned multinationals while attracting foreign investments to his country and building some serious foreign reserves. While 2020 has been the year of growth for this entrepreneur, critics speculate something GAME-CHANGING from him in 2021. 

15. Zayn Khan

The story of Zayn Khan is all about going against the gradient. Being an independent PR and branding consultant, he was so professional and competitive in 2020. And the coming year is expected to witness more hike in his demand as he plans to move out of his comfort zone and go beyond his social circle to work with some global clients. 

His portfolio included celebrities and multinationals until now, but he is looking forward to covering even more grounds this year. Keep tabs on the progress of this young man if you plan to improve your online PR.


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